TJ-Cleaning Nantwich

Professional team

We approach each client professionally – we try to ensure that the commissioned service is performed the best how it can be. We are covered by insurance!

High quality cleaning equipment

We select the right cleaning equipment for each service so that it is made at the highest level. Your patio, driveway etc. will look like brand new! We can bring the sparkle to every place!

Effective services

To perform our services, we use high-quality preparations harmless to people and pets. Health and safety always comes first!


Due to many years of experience in cleaning, we are able to cope with the most difficult jobs that an ordinary cleaning company would not undertake.

We'll finish faster than you think

We select the right amount of equipment and employees for each jobs so that the time it takes for out client to be satisfactory.

Contact details


70 Cronkinson Oak
Nantwich CW5 7EF
+44 7403 212102

Monday-Saturday 7am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 3pm

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